Mental Health in the Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This survey is part of a research project aiming to better understand the mental health experiences of parents of children with autism spectrum disorder.  By gathering information about parents of children with and without autism, we hope to identify factors that are unique to their mental health experiences that will enable successful psychological support.  You must be at least 18-years old to participate.


This questionnaire is divided into eight sections, and should take between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. Please remember that all information is treated confidentially. Please answer as honestly as possible. Your completion and submission of this online questionnaire implies consent for us to use your data in our research.

Most of the questions in each section are mandatory, and you will not be able to proceed until all questions are completed. If you feel unsure what to answer, select the answer that most closely reflects the way you feel. Remember - for questions that ask about your feelings and opinions, there are no right or wrong answers.

Parent's of children with autism will be asked some additional questions about their child.  The child should be between the ages of 4 years and 17 years 11 months. If you have more than one child with autism, please answer the questions about only one child.

Your responses to this questionnaire will be kept anonymous, and securely stored on servers at the Department of Psychology, University of Tasmania. No identifying details or individual responses will be published, and individual data sets will only be viewed by the researchers undertaking this project. One question does ask for an e-mail or postal address. Responses to this question will be coded before being viewed by the researcher, to protect your identity. However, we may be undertaking follow-up studies in the future, and have requested this information to invite you to participate in these subsequent studies. If you feel uncomfortable providing identifying information, please leave this question blank.

If you have any questions about this survey, or the research project itself, please contact Kimerberley Norris at the University of Tasmania, at

Thank you very much for your assistance.

There are 91 questions in this survey.

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